ALRAD Instruments - High Power Laser Beam Manipulation Accessories from Beamera

ALRAD Instruments is pleased to announce a new addition to our Photonics portfolio - the Beamera range of high power Laser components for Laser Beam manipulation, including: Zoom Beam Expanders, Motorised Zoom Beam Expanders, Fixed Beam Reducers, Zoom Beam Reducers, Beam Expanders and Beam Shapers.

One example of the product range are the High power 1x ~ 4x Zoom Beam Expanders.  The Beam expanders are used for applications such as: Laser lift-off (Ablation), PCB Drilling and Glass Cutting.

Three main advantages of the Beamera variable laser beam expander for high power lasers:

  • Diffraction limited performance for ≥Ø6 mm beam in whole expansion range even at λ=343 nm
  • Ability to sustain high laser beam energy, extending laser system uptime.
  • Collimation maintained during expansion adjustment.

The variable expander features a x1 to x4 range, that can be continuously zoomed along the range. Product is available for 1st, 2nd & 3rd harmonics of both Neodymium and Ytterbium laser lines. A divergence adjustment solution is embedded in the system to allow for smooth and fine divergence adjustment compensation, which is crucial in laser machining process fine-tuning. It is advised to consider high power beam expander design if average power exceeds the following values: • 1st harmonic >100W; • 2nd harmonic >50W; • 3rd harmonic >10W.

For more information on the complete range of Beamera Laser products and to order, please click on the following link:

ALRAD Beamera Laser Components

Alternatively, please call the ALRAD Team on +44 (0)1635 937000 or email, we will be happy to help.