CUBEX-500 - Improve you product quality and performance through accurate colour and luminance measurements

Introducing the New CUBEX-500 Colour and Luminance Measurement instrument


The New CUBEX-500 instrument is a cost effective measurement system for use as a fixed or mobile system (Robot arm) for production environments and can measure the following parameters:

  • Colour and Luminance
  • On axis spectral information 
  • Field of view +/-80 degrees
  • Working Distance (WD) 3.683mm
  •  Takt Time <5s typical
  • Angular map resolution 1 degree


  • Faster measurements - less than 5 seconds for a full map, 136 sensors and 1 spectro
  • Web user interface
  • Compact and portable design
  • No mechanical parts such as colour wheel or shutter


  •  CubeX capabilites allow fast detailed analysis of DUT (Device Under Test) and patterns, providing valuable insights into product quality and performance.
  • CubeX is provided with a simple web user interface available through web browsers for various support (PC, tablet, smartphone). A dedicated API is also provided to allow for customer's own programming
  • The CubeX is easy to implement in production lines with a robotic arm, making it easy to handle and use it in a production environment
  • Faster and less support required for replacement of mechanical parts due to wear and tear.


  • Improved product quality and performance through accurate colour and luminance measurements.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity through the use of a portable and flexible instrument.
  • Cost savings through reduced product defects and improved production processes.
  • Saves time - no production stop for support on mechanical parts creating cost savings.

For more information or for a quote, please see the following link:  CUBEX-500