Meet your need for speed with BitFlow CoaXPress frame grabbers — now available in eleven different CXP6 and CXP12 models!

BitFlow CoaXPress frame grabbers

BitFlow is unwavering to its commitment to the highest standards of innovation, customer service and quality. This commitment extends itself to the CoaXPress interface standard. Continuous improvement has led to a total of eleven options for CXP with six engineered to deliver CXP6 speed (6.25GB/sec), four for CXP12 (12.5GB/sec), and the revolutionary new Claxon FIber for CXPoF.

BitFlow CoaXPress CXP6 frame grabbers

CoaXPress CXP6

AON-PC2-CXP1:   Aon Single Channel frame grabber

CYT-PC2-CXP2:   Cyton Dual Channel frame grabber

CYT-PC2-CXP2-T:   Cyton Dual Channel with w/trigger option

CYT-PC2-CXP4:   Cyton Quad Channel frame grabber

CYT-PC2-CXP4-T:   Cyton Quad Channel with w/trigger option

CYT-PC2-CXP4-V:   Cyton Quad Channel w/ventilator


BitFlow CoaXPress CXP12 frame grabbers

CoaXPress CXP12

CLX-PC2-CXP1:   Claxon Single Channel frame grabber

CLX-PC3-CXP2:   Claxon Dual Channel frame grabber

CLX-PC3-CXP:   Claxon Quad Channel frame grabber

CLX-PC3-CXP4-V:   Claxon Quad Channel w/ventilator


BitFlow CoaXPress fibre frame grabbers

CoaXPress Fiber:

CLX-PC3-FXP4:   Claxon Quad Channel CXP2.0 Fiber frame grabber (QFSP+)

BitFlow CoaXPress cables

CoaXPress Cables

CXP CABLES:   BitFlow offers a number of CXP cables to help you get up and running. Custom lengths and configurations are available.


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