MVC Conference 2024 - New Technologies and New Wavelengths for Machine Vision

Download Full Presentation Here  This presentation is a brief overview of the typical applications which can be solved with the components and systems ALRAD Instruments provides to the Machine Vision markets with a focus on Infrared (NIR, SWIR, LWIR), Ultraviolet and Polarised Light imaging:

  • Short Wave Infrared Imaging – SWIR region 1.1µm ~ 3.0 µm
  • New Technology – Low Cost CMOS based SWIR Camera
  • SWIR imaging and Applications
  • Free Space Optical Communications (FSO) & Adaptive Optics with SWIR Imaging
  • Conventional HyperSpectral Imaging (HIS) and New Developments in HyperSpectral Imaging (HIS)
  • Imaging applications in the Ultraviolet UV region 100~400nm
  • UV Light Imaging and UV Fluorescence Imaging
  • Ultraviolet UV Lens, filter and Illumination technology
  • Polarising cameras and their applications including stress measurement.
  • Surface Flaw Detection with "OneShotBRDF®"
  • Contact Image Sensors (CIS) for imaging in UV, Visible and NIR regions
  • ALRAD contact details for further questions and information.