New Firmware for First Light Imaging C-RED 2 Lite and C-RED 3


This summer a new firmware for C-RED 2 Lite and C-RED 3 was released allowing our customers and future prospects to benefit from a range of new exciting features:

  • Two bad pixel correction modes: You can choose between two bad pixel correction modes based on your needs. The first mode optimises latency, making it ideal for real-time applications. The second mode employs pixel interpolation to ensure optimal image quality.

  • FPGA-embedded image processing workflow: Giving you greater control over your data, thanks to the comprehensive FPGA-embedded image processing workflow: bad pixel correction, image filtering, and thresholding before data transmission via USB or CameraLink®. You can customise a 5-by-5 pixel convolution matrix for real-time filtering operations such as edge detection. This workflow significantly reduces the need for post-processing.

(Please Note: This upgrade concerns cameras with SN prior to CRL-2023-0285 for C-RED 2 Lite, and CR3-2023-0205 for C-RED 3).

Factory stock is available for immediate delivery on certain models.   More information can be provided upon request, do not hesitate to contact us on: +44(0) 1635 937000  or: