New High Dynamic Range firmware update for First Light Imaging C-BLUE One and C-BLUE One UV cameras

We are pleased to announce the release of a new firmware update for First Light Imaging's Visible wavelength C-BLUE One and C-BLUE One ultraviolet (UV)  cameras. In addition to changes and fixes, this firmware update brings an exciting new feature to enhance your camera capabilities:

HDR standard mode: You don’t have to work on RAW images to apply high dynamic range (HDR) to your images anymore. The new Firmware allows your camera to automatically calculate the HDR, without the need for post-processing.

This HDR standard mode is explained in the User Manual, in section 11.3.3 & 4.

We strongly recommend you to upgrade your camera to leverage this improvement, enhance your camera’s performance, and ensure seamless camera maintenance in the future.

Please contact the ALRAD Team for further details and download information:  Tel: +44 (0)1635 937000 or Email to:

ALRAD Instruments C-BLUE One and C-Blue One UV

C-BLUE One: is an ultra-high performance scientific CMOS camera specifically designed for demanding imaging applications in the visible range (400 nm – 1000 nm)

The architecture of the camera has been designed to integrate one of three different new generation sensors: thanks to this flexible design, C-BLUE One is able to cover the largest scope of applications.

The camera can be tailored to be the best pixel size, resolution, and frame rate compromise for your use case:
• C-BLUE One 0.5MP: 812×612 px, 9μm, 1594 FPS
• C-BLUE One 1.7MP: 1608×1104 px, 9μm, 662 FPS
• C-BLUE One 7.1MP: 3208×2200 px, 4.5μm, 207 FPS
In addition, all C-BLUE One cameras offer a very low readout noise enabling imaging in ultra-low light conditions, simultaneously with a global shutter architecture.

C-BLUE One UV: is an industrial-grade Ultraviolet-optimized scientific camera which opens new possibilities for high-speed CMOS imaging. The camera offers a spectral sensitivity from 200 to 1000nm.

Equipped with a high-performance monochrome CMOS global shutter sensor with a very high resolution of 8.1MP (2848 x 2848 pixels, 2.74µm pitch), the camera is optimized for the 200-400nm wavelength range with more than 50% quantum efficiency at 300nm, and 30% at 220nm.

C-BLUE One and C-BLUE One UV are GigE Vision camera and GenICam compatible.

To see the complete range of cameras from First Light imaging covering the Ultraviolet (UV), visible and Shortware Infrared (SWIR) wavelenghts, please click on the following link:

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