New Release: IC Measure 4 from The Imaging Source

The Imaging Source is pleased to announce the release of IC Measure 4 for Windows. The updated software provides users with a suite of enhanced features that streamline operations, improve accuracy, and expand compatibility. Below, you can find some key features offered by the new release.

IC Measure 4: The updated software is designed for seamless industrial camera integration and advanced image processing.

Integrated Software Environment with IC Imaging Control 4: IC Measure 4 has been designed with IC Imaging Control 4, creating a unified software environment. This integration improves cross-platform compatibility and provides a solid foundation for the smooth integration of The Imaging Source's industrial cameras into IC Measure. By using IC Imaging Control 4, IC Measure now requires The Imaging Source's new GenTL Producer. A Linux release is planned for the second half of 2024.

Simplified Camera Setup with New Device Selection Dialog: IC Measure 4 introduces a user-friendly Device Selection Dialog, simplifying the integration and configuration of The Imaging Source's industrial cameras. IC Measure 4's straightforward dialog ensures a hassle-free user experience.

Enhanced Precision with LUT Curve Editor: The new LookUpTable (LUT) curve editor in IC Measure 4 provides an effective and intuitive tool for creating and fine-tuning LUTs. The curve editor allows cubic and linear interpolation.

Customisable LiveView Layouts via Drag and Drop: IC Measure 4 introduces seamless customisation of LiveView layouts through intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. This enhancement optimises user experience, streamlining workflow and providing a personalised workspace for efficient data analysis and measurements.

GenICam Property View for Enhanced Camera Control: IC Measure 4 introduces a GenICam Property View: This tool provides a convenient hub for manipulating all GenICam features of a video capture device. The improved control interface increases efficiency and ensures standardised access to the GenICam functions for easy adjustment of all camera parameters.

IC Measure 4 introduces practical features that make measurement and image acquisition more accessible and efficient. The integration with Imaging Control 4, coupled with the new tools, showcases The Imaging Source's commitment to providing user-friendly and advanced solutions for industrial software applications.


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