Product Highlight - LumiFiberTM from Innovations in Optics

Discover the versatility and power of LumiFiber™, the ultimate choice for fiber optic applications in industrial, medical, and laboratory equipment. These devices are designed for excellence, offering an array of features that cater to a variety of applications. 


LumiFiber™ is equipped with long-life LEDs, available in many different wavelengths from UV through Visible to NIR, and it boasts a compact design with a small footprint. For the medical and life sciences sector, it finds its place in microscopy, real-time PCR, endoscope, and microscope illumination, as well as dental curing and imaging. In the industrial and commercial realms, LumiFiber™ shines in fiberoptic coupling, UV curing, and as a remote lighting source for inspection and measurement purposes.

Harness the power of LumiFiber™ for a reliable, compact, homogenous, and robust light source delivering up to 25 watts of visible/UV/NIR light. It's the ideal choice for high-performance endoscopes, borescopes, and a range of other applications where quality and precision matter most.

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