The NEW Model CUBEX-500 (+/-80°) from Eldim is now available

ELDIM’s multi-spectral angular mapping : CubeX is perfectly suited for measurements in the visible range and is very light and easy to handle.

Ideally suited to R&D teams and specialist mass production line inspection due to its speed, accuracy and multi-use purpose.


This new product is based on new technology patented by ELDIM and provides on axis spectral information with a wavelength resolution on axis of 2nm, allowing a full color map to be measured with an angular map resolution of 1° in a viewing cone of +/-80°.

The measurement takt time of the equipment is less than 5 seconds, and data transfer is via an ethernet cable.

Key Features:
  • Non-contact viewing angle measurement
  • Color & Luminance
  • On axis spectral information
  • Field of view +/-80°
  • Takt Time <5s typical


  • Viewing angle analysis for QC
  • Displays
  • R&D
  • Standard Compliance Tests
  • Mass production


For more information please follow the link:  CUBEX500

Alternatively please call the ALRAD Team on +44 (0)1635 937000 or email to: