Workswell Safetis EV - addressing the growing requirement to monitor battery production and storage, EV charging and many other industrial safety applications

Workswell recently released the Safetis EV, which addresses the growing problem of thermal safety monitoring of parking garages for electric vehicles, battery production and storage, EV charging and many other industrial applications.

ALRAD Safetis EVALRAD Safetis EV

Safetis EV offers affordable continuous monitoring of any potential thermal situation.

The competitively priced compact sensor is designed to protect 24/7 using the accuracy of radiometric data to warn of the slightest temperature increase 0.1°C (100 mK), 19200 active sensors (160x120px), scanning 9 times per second, developed for simple plug and play integration, easily scalable with onboard smart evaluation, no additional PC or hardware is required, easily controlled using MODBUS RTU via RS485, ethernet and digital outputs.

Up to 64 ROI (Regions of Interest) can be used in the image and 2 user definable alarm levels (warning and critical) per ROI are configurable with digital and relay outputs. Safetis EV is designed to operate primarily without a video stream to decrease manpower costs, however, there Ethernet streaming of the video feed is an option. Safetis EV integrates a heartbeat signal to be sure the unit is alive 24/7 when not streaming the video feed.

Providing peace of mind 24/7 by alerting users of thermal issues before its to late to react. A proactive rather than reactive approach.

Applications Include:

  • Monitoring of Parking Garages for Electric Vehicles
  • Monitoring of Charding Stations for Electric Vehicles
  • Fire Alarm Sensor in Battery Warehouses
  • Fire Prevention in Electrical Infrastructure

For more information, please see the following link: Safetis EV