ZQ1-MagicLine - More performance and visibility with certified eye safety

The Z-LASER ZQ1-MagicLine sets new standards in line laser technology. With an optical output power of 600 mW in compliance with laser class 2M safety standards, the ZQ1-MagicLine combines unrivalled performance with reliable safety. This combination makes it the world's brightest eye-safe laser in its class and sets new standards in laser technology.

Specially developed for industrial applications where visibility and safety are paramount, the ZQ1-MagicLine is characterised by its wavelength of 520 nm and green laser light, which is particularly well perceived by the human eye. The aperture angle of 70° enables long and clearly visible laser lines, while the adjustable line width offers additional customisation options through manual focusing.


• 600 mW optical output power
• Eye-safe according to laser class 2M
• 70° fan angle
• Connection via 5-pin plug (12-24VDC) or 110-230VAC power supply unit
• Manually focusable

For more information, please see the following link: ZQ1-MagicLine

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