Collection: CoaXPress Cameras - IC-X50S-CXP / IC-X50T-CXP


Winner of the prestigious Vision Systems and Design
Magazine’s Innovators Award 2018, the IC-X50T-CXP
mono and color versions showcase ISVI’s expertise in
leading-edge camera design.

Both the IC-X50S-CXP and  IC-X50T-CXP provide the
unique combination of a low-noise 48-Megapixels
@ 30fps with global shutter, the CoaXPress CXP6
interface enabling more time for image processing.

The IC-X50T adds a custom-designed Thermoelectric
Cooling (TEC) system to maximize the available
dynamic range output of the camera. This active
cooling system utilizes a proprietary temperature
feedback loop to maintain a constant sensor
operating temperature in ambient working
environments between 0- 40 degrees Celsius.

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