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Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Kit (Economic)

Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Kit (Economic)


1x  Thermal Camera   DH-TPC-BF5421-T

1x  Blackbody   DH-TPC-HBB

1x  Camera Power Supply   DH-PFM320D-US/EN/BS

2x  Tripod   VCT999

2x  Connector   RAW021-00

1x  NVR   DHI-NVR5216-16P-I

1x  Software   DHI-DSSExpress-Base-License


Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Solution

The Dahua Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Solution is a complete front line Human Temperature Measurement screening and recording system used for multi-person non-contact automatic temperature measurement providing accurate and fast data capture in busy environments.

In times of epidemic outbreaks such as the current Coronavirus outbreak, this system can be quickly and easily deployed at busy public activity hubs such as ports of entry, airports, railway stations, hospitals and educational establishments.  In non-epidemic periods this system can be deployed for precautionary purposes at ports of entry, kitchens and kindergartens.

The Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Solution consists of 4 main parts:

1) Temperature measurement part: consisting of a DH-TPC-HBB1 temperature reference blackbody unit for accurate temperature referencing to +/-0.3 degrees Centigrade and two thermal network camera options/visible camera options for thermal and visible image capture: DH-TPC-BF3221 thermal network value hybrid bullet camera and the DH-TPC-BF5421 thernal network hybrid bullet camera.

2) Accessories part: comprising camera power adapter, tripod and camera adapter.

3) Storage and analysis part: Consisting of the Dahua DHI-IVSS7X Intelligent Video Surveillance Server and the DHI-NVR5X-I Network Video Recorder.

4) Display part: Consisting of three display options from a 22" 1080p basic monitor through to a range of 4K plastic monitors from 27" to 55" and a range of 4K metal industrial monitors with 49" and 55" size screen options.


This system has already been deployed to help combat the current COVID19 outbreak and is operational in many locations including Shanghai railway station and Hangzhou metro.