US/30F150/R3   UV Water Disinfection Reactor Unit - Alrad

US/30F150/R3 UV Water Disinfection Reactor Unit

US/30F150/R3   UV Water Disinfection Reactor Unit


  • This device is more compact than other general water disinfectant units, and so can be installed in narrow spaces where installation was hitherto impossible.
  • Water amount: Can handle 2 to 6L/min.
  • Service life is 20,000h (approx. 2 years), thus reducing maintenance frequency. There is a built-in lamp that uses a unique Stanley Electric metal cap electrode, so oscillation is strong, and the lamp does not suddenly turn OFF. Service life is not affected even if control is turned ON/OFF, so the customer can set the lamp ON conditions that suit them.
  • Water bearing pressure= 1.75MPa (Static water pressure/water bearing test JIS3200-1)