SE4850 OEM 1D/2D Scan Engine - Alrad

SE4850 OEM 1D/2D Scan Engine

Create mobile devices that can help your customers improve end-to-end efficiency and throughput. From barcodes and documents in hand to barcodes on the uppermost warehouse rack, the Zebra SE4850 Extended Range Scan Engine with IntelliFocus™ technology utilizes intelligent autofocus to quickly determine barcode distance and then capture it. Scan barcodes from near contact to over 70 ft./21.3 m away, providing the flexible range required to support virtually any industrial application. PRZM Intelligent Imaging Technology ensures first-time, every-time scanning. Rugged construction provides the durability required in warehouses, manufacturing plants and other industrial environments. Multiple decode options enable easy integration into any design, no matter how space constrained. Boost productivity for your customers with the SE4850, the imager built to meet the demands in today’s industrial environments.

The Ultimate Working Range

Two 1 MP imagers deliver an extraordinary working range — from 3 in./7.6 cm to over 70 ft/21.3 m. And since the fixed near imager and variable focus far imager eliminate the typical dead spots where dual imagers overlap, the result is flawless barcode capture over the entire scanning range.

High Quality Lens

The superior lens ensures the quality of the image from corner to corner for fast, dependable decoding.

Illumination System

The patented advanced optics technology eliminates the need for two illumination systems and minimizes the amount of required light. Illumination is automatically adjusted — the closer the scanner is to the barcode, the less illumination is generated. The result? Barcodes in any condition can be easily captured in any lighting condition — from the dimmest corners of the warehouse to bright sunlight — all with less power and longer battery cycle times on the host device.

Rugged Industrial Construction

You and your customers can count on durability and reliability in demanding conditions. With its rugged all-metal construction and an unprecedented 2500G shock rating, the SE4850 thrives in demanding industrial environments. 

IntelliFocus Technology Helps You Scan Near and Far

IntelliFocus™ technology easily captures 1D and 2D barcodes in a variety of conditions over a wide working range, in hand or across the room. With adjustable illumination and intelligent autofocus, users do not have to sacrifice scanning speed for working range.