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A+ USB3.1 Gen1 AOC Active Optical Cable

A+ USB3.1 Gen1 AOC   Active Optical Cable

A+ Active Optical Cable Assemblies with up to 50m cable length are now available

A reliable, industrial assembly, performing well in any 24/7 application including moving applications, such as C-Track, S-Bend or torsional applications.

The key features:

  • Cable length up to 50m.
  • Standard length available from stock.
  • Up to 4.5W of power delivery through the same cable, without any extra power on host side.
  • MicroB plug including horizontal screw-locking, to the U3V specification.
  • USB3.1 Gen1 only, to improve stability for 24/7 applications.
  • Full metal construction (A+ Die Cast).
  • Higher operational temperatures.
  • Designed for Machine Vision / Industrial applications.
  • C-Track / S-Bend / Torsional tested.
  • If you need a TypeC connector, or don’t have sufficient space behind your application for the longer AOC termination, we offer short copper-based adapter cables as accessories.
  • For the USB A Host side, we offer A+ horizontal and vertical screw-locking brackets (patented design), as accessories.

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