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Air Disinfection The Science

Air Disinfection - The Science

UVC at approx. 250-260 nanometres resonates and disrupts DNA/RNA in cell nuclei and viruses, destroying it.

Our systems do two things:

a) They generate and emit UVC light at 254nm at the maximum intensity possible.

b)They transmit and concentrate that light as efficiently as possible towards the spores, bacteria or viruses that need to be inactivated.

Sophisticated modelling software has been developed to make sure we do that right.

UV Sizing Tool - Software licenced to leading companues in the UVC world:

Air Disinfection


Our Air disinfection systems are designed to destroy 99.99% of all viruses passing through them.

We do NOT collect viruses in filters.  We don’t use filters.  (If you need to remove dust from the air you need a filter).

CDC are aware of growing evidence of airborne Covid19

The chart below shows data on survival of Covid19 in air and on various surfaces.  One or more changes of air in a room per hour will make a huge difference.

Air Disinfection

Possible installations…

Covid19 in aerosol form is a real potential problem for dentists, offices and immunocompromised people in all situations.

Air Disinfection application areas
Air Disinfection application areas
Air Disinfection application areas

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