Cavitar C400 welding camera - Alrad
Cavitar C400 welding camera - Alrad

Cavitar C400 welding camera

Cavitar Welding Camera

The core of the welding process emits very bright light that “blinds” the eye as well as normal camera systems. Without special visualization techniques the proper visual monitoring of a welding process is impossible. Cavitar Welding Cameras enable the clear visualization of welding processes as if they were cold. Our solutions range from complete, compact ready-to-use visualization solution including camera, integrated laser illumination and optics to highly customizable system to meet specific customer requirements. They are applicable for all major arc welding processes like GMAW (MIG, MAG) and TIG as well as for all major beam welding processes like CO2 laser, fiber laser, diode laser, Nd:YAG laser and electron beam applications.


  • Welders and operators can adjust the process in real-time based on the images
  • Images can be used for image analysis and automation
  • Images or videos can be stored for quality documentation
  • Fast error detection reduces scrap
  • System can be operated from a safe distance to the process
  • Improved working ergonomics  for the welder
  • Reduced risk of inhaling unhealthy welding fumes
  • Faster set-up time for welding processes
  • High image quality
  • Compact system for easy integration
  • Plug and play operation
  • Robust and suitable for 24/7 industrial use
  • Laser class 3R solutions are possible


  • GMAW welding (MIG, MAG)
  • TIG welding
  • Hybrid welding (laser and arc welding)
  • Laser welding (e.g. CO2, Nd:YAG, fiber and disc lasers)
  • Electron beam
  • Robot welding
  • Semi-automated welding
  • Linear welding
  • Orbital welding

The C400 is a 4th generation compact welding camera for demanding environments with integrated illumination and cooling channels.

Max resolution (pixel)

1440 x 1080

Max frame rate (fps)


Working distance (mm)

150 to 300 mm

Field of view (mm 2)

@ working distance 150 mm

@ working distance 200 mm

@ working distance 250 mm

@ working distance 300 mm


28 x 21

40 x 30

51 x 38

62 x 47

Physical dimensions


38 x 48 x 99 mm


350 g

Laser Wavelength

640 nm

Laser class