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Centronic Photodiodes

Centronic silicon diodes are mainly designed to detect light, generating a photocurrent with an external quantum efficiency in the range 0.2 to 0.7 A/W in response to light in the wavelength range 200-1100nm.In addition to light detection, they manufacture diodes specifically for direct detection of x-rays and charged particles (electrons) as well as indirect x-ray detection using scintillator assemblies. 

Their diodes are based on a suite of core processes which they call “series”, with each series being optimised through our choice of silicon, junction depth and manufacturing details for a specific purpose as described below. They are able and very willing to modify the details of any of their series in order to optimise performance for a particular application. They are also aware of customers who use their diodes for other applications including neutron detection, based on their own development and qualification. Centronic photodiodes are designed by their engineers in Croydon, building on theirexperience in the market since the early 1970’s. Their wafers are processed in modern fabrication plants in western Europe and return to their Croydon facility for backend processing (packaging, assembly and test). Most of their production consists of bespoke detectors for specific customers however they also offer a wide range of standard geometries in industry standard packaging, which is excellent for prototyping or for manufacturers wishing to source standard product from multiple vendors.