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BV-C2900 SWIR VGA Camera

BV-C2900-CL    SWIR VGA Camera

BV-C2900-CL is SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) camera using one InGaAs VGA sensor having the sensitivity from 950nm to 1700nm.

The sensor used is VGA resolution, 20 micron pixel size and has the sensitivity from 950nm to 1700nm. The interface is Camera Link. Lens mount is conventional C mount and lenses of 1-inch or more format should be used. Bluevision SWIR series lenses, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm and 105mm lenses C mount type are available.


  • Image sensor:    G12242-0909W 2 steps Peltier cooling InGaAs sensor Effective pixel: 640(H) x 512(V), Pixel size: 20µm x 20µm Effective image size: 12.8mm x 10.24mm
  • Wave length:    950nm ~1700nm
  • Conversion efficiency:    1µV/e
  • Synchronization:    Internal/External Trigger
  • Pixel clock interval:    25MHz Data rate:6.25MHz
  • Frame rate:    4 ports readout Exposure time =1 clock (1µsec): 62fps Exposure time =16msec: 31fps
  • S/N:    55dB
  • Video output:    8/10/12/14-bit
  • Electronic shutter:    Global shutter system
  • Gain:    0dB ~ +12dB
  • Black level:    0LSB ~ 127LSB (at 10-bit output)
  • Blemish compensation:    Built in circuit. Pixel defect specification is a cluster defect of up to 15 pixels
  • Shading compensation:    Flat shading compensation ON/OFF
  • PRNU:    Compensate non uniformity of luminance level between pixels
  • DSNU:    Compensate non uniformity of dark level between pixels
  • Communication interface:    Camera Link (Base configuration) Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T)
  • Lens mount:    C mount (Applicable C mount is 1 inch or more)
  • Regulation:    RoHS, CE
  • Power:    DC +12V ± 10%, Less 7W
  • Operation Temperature/Humidity:    -5℃ to +45℃/ 20 to 80% (Non-condensing)
  • Dimensions:    (WxHxD) 58(W) x 58(H) x 120(D) mm (excluding protrusion)
  • Weight:    675 g 665 g
  • Software:    General purapose RS-232C tool SDK-TransFlyer (Aval Data)