MiniScan MS954 Series Scanner - Alrad

MiniScan MS954 Series Scanner

Fixed Mount Scanner

The MS954 is a compact, durable, fixed-mount laser bar code scanner for premium linear scanning on all types of 1-D bar codes, including poorly printed and low contrast symbols. The MS954 offers a configurable scan angle of 47° and 35° for OEM devices requiring a flexible, expanded working range. As one of the smallest, lightest and brightest fixed-mount scanners available today, the MS954 is ideal for accurate automated data collection in OEM device designs with space constraints. It can also be used as a standalone fixed-mount scanner.

Rich feature set for more flexibility in many environments

The MS954 features a configurable scan angle and a working range of over 35 inches/88.9 cm to ensure high first-time read rates for maximum productivity. The MS954 is easy to program and configure, enabling you to cut your development time and bring your product to market faster — even if you don’t have the in-house technical resources for scanner integration. With its durable housing and built-in RS-232 interface, the MS954 enables your project teams to quickly and confidently integrate high performance 1-D bar code data capture into many applications.

Proven technology to enhance your solutions

With millions of installations worldwide, our OEM devices are proven to deliver high reliability and superior performance, ensuring the accurate and quick capture of data and images in your mission-critical applications and devices. In addition, an easy-to-integrate design and expert assistance from our world-class OEM support team enable you to bring your systems to market quickly and cost effectively. And since even the most intelligent products require a maintenance plan and a support strategy, we offer superior services to help you maximize uptime and maintain peak performance.


High performance fixed-mount scanner

Premium scanning on poorly printed and low contrast 1-D symbols for maximum accuracy and productivity

Working range from near contact to over 35 in./88.9 cm

Flexible decode range for maximum accuracy and efficiency

Configurable scan angle of 47° and 35°

Ability to control scan angle to meet demands of application

Compact durable housing, mounting holes, LEDs and RS-232 interface

Plug-and-play installation reduces development time and speeds up time to market