NSI1000EVBA adaptor PCB with Morph-IC-II - Alrad

NSI1000EVBA adaptor PCB with Morph-IC-II

NSI1000EVBA adaptor PCB with Morph-IC-II


Integrated with Newsight’s eTOFTM (enhanced-time-of-flight technology), supported by a windows-based demo tool, to enable the NSI1000 configuration and operation. The demo tool allows the readout to be presented on a PC screen.

  • USB connection to PC via the Morph-IC board, drivers included.
  • Morph-IC FPGA for NSI1000 configuration.
  • Lenses holder mount included.
  • Optional NSI1000 socket.
  • Two optional power supplies:
    1. Morph-IC 3.3v power.
    2. USB C-type connector for optional 5v power in.
  • On board power generated: 3.3v, 1.8v, -1/-0.1v. Using

This board includes the NSI1000 chip and minimal peripheral passive components.

The board was designed to be connected to the Morph-IC-II equipped with Cyclone-II FPGA which allows full operation of the NSI1000 chip.

The board has 2 optional chip assembly methods:

  • SMD soldered
  • Socket

The connection of the adaptor PCB to the Morph-IC-II is as followed:

  • Connect adaptor PCB J1&J4 to Morph-IC J1&J4, 24 pin headers.
  • Connect adaptor PCB J2&J3 to Morph-IC J2&J3, 40 pin headers.

What's included in the package:

  • NSI1000EVBA
  • USB cable
  • Lens
  • Lens Holder
  • Laser Driver card (optional)
  • Application note+ Installation guide