SE1524ER OEM Laser Scan Engine - Alrad
SE1524ER OEM Laser Scan Engine - Alrad

SE1524ER OEM Laser Scan Engine

The Zebra SE1524ER extended range scan engine provides high-performance bar code scanning in the smallest possible package. It’s built for OEM applications that require easy targeting and capture of bar codes from short or long distances such as in multi-level warehouse environments. Superior first-time read rates, working range, fuzzy logic technology and affordability all combine to deliver a versatile scan engine for your OEM applications. The Zebra SE1524ER is both durable and reliable to offer premium long-range scanning performance in the toughest environments.


The Zebra SE1524ER scan engine gives you one of the most impressive working ranges in the industry, with the ability to read from 2 inches to 22 inches on a 7.5 mil and over 40 feet on a 100 mil reflective label. Whether scanning pallet labels on warehouse racks or shipping labels on the dock, the Zebra SE1524ER is an excellent choice for those applications that require both long- and shortrange scanning.

The Zebra SE1524ER also supports "Aim" mode, and its bright, 650 nanometer laser diode provides a highly visible scan line. The Zebra SE1524ER uses fuzzy logic decode processing for fast, accurate reading of the poorest quality bar codes. Together, these features ensure that users accurately target bar codes for easy, intuitive data capture.


High-performance scan engine with fuzzy logic for reading poorly printed and low contrast across the entire decode range

Offers excellent scanning performance on all types of 1D bar codes

Working range up to 45 ft./9.1 m for 100 mil reflective symbols

Enables advanced long range scanning capability for OEM devices

Reads 7.5 mil bar codes from 2 in. to 22 in.

Provides an extremely versatile working range

Special “Aim” mode

Makes scanning from a distance easy and intuitive

650 nm bright laser diode scanning

Easy-to-see scan line is suitable for long distance

Metal chassis

Delivers the industry’s highest shock rating for commercial, industrial or retail applications

Simple serial interface (SSI) software

Communication is easy between the scan engine software and the host

Supports 3.3V

Gives an extended life to your mobile applications with minimum power consumption

Single-board design

Compact, durable and reliable