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Software Decode for Cameras (SDC)

Software Decode For Cameras (SDC)

Empower off-the-shelf megapixel cameras with quality 1-D/2-D scanning.
With SDC, you can empower your enterprise class mobile devices with enterprise-quality 1-D/2-D bar code scanning — no dedicated scan engine required. SDC brings the same industry-leading algorithms used in Zebra hardware decoders to any off-the-shelf megapixel camera, providing your customers with the first-time every-time easy bar code scanning in non-scan intensive applications. Your customers will enjoy rapid decode speed, even on damaged, scratched or poorly printed bar codes — as well as bar codes printed on paper or displayed on a screen. Hyper-resolution technology provides a wider scanning range as well as easy capture of small bar codes. And with enterprise-class scanning accuracy, you no longer need to worry about erroneous decodes that can lead frustrated users to mistrust and abandon your application.
Fast and reliable 1-d/2-d bar code scanning for commercial off-the-shelf cameras.
One license per device.
With this cost-effective solution, one license per device enables bar code scanning in any number of applications, providing real value for you — and your customer.
Reduced power requirements.
Battery life is a crucial aspect of any mobile device. Once there is less hardware to power, there is more power for applications, other hardware and other device operations. Battery cycle times are extended — more time between charges translates into ample power for a full shift.
Reduced space requirements.
Eliminating the need to integrate a dedicated scan engine reduces space requirements, making it easier to include all the features your customers want in a business-class device that offers the slim, ergonomic appeal of today’s consumer-style mobile devices.
Less cost = higher margins.
By eliminating the need for a dedicated scan engine, your hardware requirements are reduced, increasing your margins and your overall profitability.