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STC-MxV133U3V High-Speed Camera

STC-MxV133U3V    High-Speed Camera

This vision sensor, with a nominal resolution of  1304×976 pixels, features a stacked configuration with a back-illuminated pixel array and signal processing circuit layer. The circuit layer is equipped with image processing circuits and a programmable column-parallel processor, this configuration enables high-sensitivity imaging thanks to the back-illuminated pixel array

The new sensor uses information such as colour and brightness obtained from pixels to detect objects, then extracts the object's centroid, moment and motion vector, and finally outputs the information from the vision sensor in each frame. Because the processing results can be output from the sensor in each frame, feedback to the system is faster than conventional methods.

Applications include: Detection of anomalies or malfunctions in factory production lines allowing fast response to critical situations.  Tracking of fast moving missiles or projectiles in military defence systems.

Output Resolution and Frame Rate:

The output resolution and frame rate differ depending on the camera operation mode.

If you want to use the camera with 1000 fps output,  please select one of Mode 7 to 10 from the Image Format Control → Image Mode.   

  • When Mode7 ~ 10 is selected, the sensor output becomes 4bits and is converted to 8bits in the FPGA.
  • The maximum frame rate for Mode 10 is 2,000 fps.
  • By selecting Mode 7 to 10, you can output images from the camera at 1,000 fps, depending on the PC environment (USB3.0 host controller performance), the output speed may be slower than 1,000 fps.


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