TrueChrome 4K Pro - Alrad
TrueChrome 4K Pro - Alrad
TrueChrome 4K Pro - Alrad

TrueChrome 4K Pro

TrueChrome 4K Pro - What can 4K bring to you ?

The ideal camera pixel refers to the pixel size that is just big enough to resolve the optical resolution of a microscope. But in order to fully performs the optical efficiency of microscope, the real adopted camera pixel size should be smaller than ideal. The smaller pixel size, the higher resolution. Shown as below diagram: take the incident wavelength of 450nm for example, the adopted camera pixel size should be smaller than 2.8um pixel size which corresponds to 4 multiples of minimum objective lens. Under same 2/3 FOV, the actual resolution of a 1080P (1920 ×1080) camera is only equal to 4.6um(=8.8mm/1920), and it barely meet the demands of 40X and 60X objective lens,while 4K (3640×2160) is about 2.3um(=8.8mm/3640), totally meeting the demands of all objective lens and making the optical lens work at its best efficiency. No matter it is equipped with 4K or 1080P monitor, it can get higher resolution results.

pixel size

Much Stronger 4K Image Signal Processor:

The upgrade of 4K resolution requires camera to process a larger amount of data. Generally it is not easy to perfectly reveal 4K image, but Tucsen 4K ISP performs a very good professional level. It not only can accurately determine the exposure intensity of complex light scenes, but also accurately restore difficult colors such as blue, purple and pink, and maintain a high speed of 30 frames per second.

4K resolution

Embedded-type functionality upgrade

Based on previous generation of TrueChrome Metrics embedded software, three utility functions are added on TrueChrome 4K Pro to continuously optimize your shortcut operation experience.

4K resolution

USB 3.0+Mosaic V2 professional analysis software:

The USB 3.0 channel on TrueChrome 4K Pro can realize high speed transmission at 25 fps@4k full resolution.It contains the same perfect color reproduction and complete parameter control functions as USB 3.0 cameras from Tucsen. Meantime, loaded with Tucsen Mosaic V2 professional image analysis software, containing shooting, processing,measurement, report etc. self-defined function modules, it also allows users to have efficient and stable operation experience when perform advanced functions like “Live Stitching” and “Live EDF”.

Live Stitching:

When moving the loading platform, the software automatically completes the image stitching, which can be accurately and quickly done under different magnifications and any angle!


image stitching

Live EDF:

When turning the focus ring to shoot different DOF points, the software automatically generates large DOF images, and the feature points of different focal planes are clearly displayed on the same plane!


large DOF images

 Mosaic V2 software features:

software features

Remote control, separate human and experimental devices:

The TrueChrome 4K Pro can meet the needs of many medical laboratories or clean workshops that often need to separate operators from operating areas to avoid unnecessary contact or contamination: only by connecting an observer with the TrueChrome 4K Pro and a computer with the Mosaic V2 software to Internet, you can use Mosaic V2 software to remotely control all features of the camera, and the TrueChrome 4K Pro can still deliver high speeds of up to 30 FPS @4K full resolution, even remotely, without affecting the experience.
remote control
Live interaction, share videos with multiple people in real time:
The rapid development of internet technology makes communication more convenient and efficient, and the need of huge resources into multimedia interactive platform now can be easily done with one camera. TrueChrome 4 k Pro camera support network standard transmission protocol, and can be connected with the third party live platforms like Ding Talk, Kwai and Tik Tok etc. to set up the internet conference, teaching platform, and interact images with multiple people in real time.
Live share
① USB 3.0 : can perform voice interaction under the help of computer audio function.
② LAN : No simultaneous voice interaction supported since no audio interface on camera.