FK220 BN Series Filter Kit - Alrad

FK220 BN Series Filter Kit

FK220 BN Series Filter Kit

Designed with reduced bandwidth for further wavelength separation

Test before investing by equipping yourself with the 10 most popular filter bandwidths for industrial vision in the visible (VIS) and near-infrared (IR) spectrum. The BN Series filter kit features the innovative designs of the BP series kit with the addition of the BN740, BN810 and BN940—all in reduced bandwidth versions. Further wavelength separation is beneficial for use with LEDs and laser diodes; overwhelming ambient light conditions, such as outdoor applications; and fluorescence inspection.

The BN Series is compatible with M25.5, M27 and M30.5 lens filter threads. And to further enhance your testing, the kit also includes technical information, filter specs and data curves.

Kit Includes:

  • BN470-27 Narrow Blue Bandpass Filter
  • BN532-27 Narrow Green Bandpass Filter
  • BN595-27 Narrow Orange Bandpass Filter
  • BN630-27 Narrow Light Red Bandpass Filter
  • BN660-27 Narrow Dark Red Bandpass Filter
  • BN740-27 Narrow Near-IR Bandpass Filter
  • BN810-27 Narrow Near-IR Bandpass Filter
  • BN850-27 Narrow Near-IR Bandpass Filter
  • BN940-27 Narrow Near-IR Bandpass Filter
  • PR032-27 Linear Polarizer Filter
  • PS030 Ultra High Contrast Polarizer Film for light source
  • SU25.5-27 Step-Up Adapter
  • SD30.5-27 Step-Down Adapter
BN Series filters are less susceptible to short-shifting


BN Series filters are less susceptible to short-shifting
MidOpt StablEDGE® filters are uniquely designed to reduce angular dependency while maintaining a stable, high-transmission passband. Traditional interference bandpass filters are highly sensitive to the angle at which light strikes and usually don’t perform well at wide or shallow angles of incidence.