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FL-20BW 20 Megapixels

FL-20BW   20 Megapixels, Capturing High Resolution Images at Once

hihg resolution capture

The 1-inch image sensor covers the best image quality FOV for Cmount; the sensor resolution is up to 20 megapixels,so the optical resolution is not lost even when imaging with 4X and 10x microscope objectives.

Advanced Cooling Technology Reduces Dark Current Down to 0.001e-/pixel/s


Based on Tucsen's professional cooling technology from sCMOS cameras, FL-20BW can achieve a dark current level as low as 0.001e/pixel/s, which significantly reduces the hot pixel noise during long exposure time.

High SNR, Balanced with Exposure Time

Quantum efficiency and noise correspond to signal and noise. Respectively, the higher the ratio, the higher the signal-to-noise ratio. While providing high quantum efficiency of 84%, the FL-20BW strives for excellence in noise control, reducing read noise to 0.6e- and dark current  to 0.001e-/s, which makes FL-20BW the best camera for High signal-to-noise ratio balanced with exposure time.

Red circle area: Under short-term exposure, sCMOS has the best signalto- noise ratio because of its high quantum efficiency and low readout noise.
Blue circle area: At the exposure time around above 1 second. The FL- 20BW maintains a better signal-to-noise ratio because of the combined advantages of low readout noise and dark current noise, while the SNR of sCMOS drops rapidly, because of the high dark current noise .
The Core Advantage of the FL-20BW: the Most Comprehensive Performance
In the past decade CCD has gradually withdrawn from the scientific imaging arena. The lower-noise faster-speed sCMOS is the leader in advanced scientific imaging. However sCMOS still does not solve the problem of high dark current noise and high cost. So in applications which require long exposure time and the need for cost-effective scientific imaging, users have to continue to use very old CCD cameras. Now Tucsen has introduced the FL-20BW camera, which achieves the same level of CCD as the dark current noise and cost performance. At the same time it has the typical characteristics of CMOS: lower readout noise and faster speed. It is a camera with the most comprehensive performance.
Radial chart
Technical Features  
  • Product model:   FL-20BW
  • Image sensor:   1" CMOS,(15.86mm)
  • Color/mono:   Mono
  • Resolution:   5472(H) x 3648(V)
  • Pixel size:   2.40μm x 2.40μm
  • Quantum efficiency:   84%@495nm
  • Dark current:   0.001e-/pixel/s
  • DSNU:   0.2e-
  • PRNU:   0.8%
  • Readout noise:   0.6e-
  • Full well capacity:   16000e-
  • Shutter mode:   Rolling
  • Cooling:   -15 ℃
  • Frame Rate
16 fps @ 5472 x 3648( 8bit ), 8 fps @ 5472x3648 ( 16bit ) 
53 fps @ 2736 x1824 ( 8bit ), 27fps @ 2736x1824 ( 16bit )
67 fps @ 1824 x1216 ( 8bit ), 67fps @ 1824 x1216 ( 16bit
  • Binning mode:   2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 8x8
  • Exposure settings:   Auto/Manual
  • Exposure time:   3us - 1hour
  • Image Format:   JPG/PNG/TIFF/DICOM
  • Data interface:   USB3.0
  • Bit depth:   16bit/8bit
  • Power supply:   12V/8A
  • Camera weight:   980g
  • PC software:   Mosaic V2
  • Operating system:   Windows, Linux
  • Operating environment:   Temperature: 0-40℃; Humidity: 10%-85%
  • Camera size:   85mm x 85mm x 112mm