Green Laser Diode Module - Alrad

Green Laser Diode Module

The GLDM-520 Green Laser Diode Module is a versatile and cost effective solution, ideally suited to many industrial and OEM applications where a quality green spot or line is required. The green laser module comes in fixed output powers ranging from 1mW – 25mW and measures 16mm diam x 50mm long.

The GLDM-520 provides a well collimated laser light source and comes with a black annodised body, perfect for heatsink. The GLDM-520 also comes with high quality glass or plastic optics, ensuring a well defined circular beam diameter and divergence. (see the GLDM-4V-520 and GLDM-5-520 data sheet for further specifications).

The GLDM-520 operates within the temperature range of -15C – 60 degrees Celsius as standard, overcoming the shortcoming associated with Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers.

The versatility of the green laser module allows it be operated r from a 7-8V DC input voltage. There is the option for connection to our current range of DC/DC (12-32V DC) or AC/DC (240V AC) power supplies.

The GLDM-520 series can also be used with line generating and cross-hair optics.

The Green Laser Module comes with a collimated beam and can be used with the Style 3  Module Mount. Being 5 times brighter than a red laser of the equivalent output power, the Green Laser Module is an excellent choice for your next application.

The GLDM-520 series comes with instant rise time and low beam divergence angles:

  • <0.75mrad for GLDM-4V with an elliptical beam
  • <0.3mard for GLDM-5 with a circular beam