HE Series 5GigE Colour Cameras - Alrad
HE Series 5GigE Colour Cameras - Alrad
HE Series 5GigE Colour Cameras - Alrad

Emergent HE Series 5GigE Colour Cameras


  • High-speed 1, 2.5, 5GigE
  • Back-illuminated pixel structure
  • 1, 2.5, 5x the speed of GigE
  • High data/frame rates
  • GigE Vision® and GenICam™ compliant
  • Optional IP67 housing


  • Immersive 3D Content
  • Production Lines
  • Finish Line Vision
  • Referee Assist

Specific Models

Model Resolution Frame Rate Sensor Name Pixel Size
HE-500-S-C 0.5MP 793fps Sony IMX426 9×9µm
HE-1800-S-C 1.76MP 330fps Sony IMX425 9×9µm
HE-2000-S-C 2.01MP 242.5fps Sony IMX422 4.5×4.5µm
HE-2800-S-C 2.8MP 205fps Sony IMX421 4.5×4.5µm
HE-3000-S-C 3.2MP 108fps Sony IMX252LQR 3.45×3.45µm
HE-5000-S-C 5MP 81.5fps Sony IMX250LQR 3.45×3.45µm
HE-5000-SBL-C 5.1MP 45.5fps Sony IMX547 2.74×2.74μm
HE-7000-S-C 7.06MP 85fps Sony IMX420 4.45×4.45µm
HE-8000-S-C 8.9MP 55fps Sony IMX255LQR 3.45×3.45µm
HE-8000-SBL-C 8.1MP 36.5fps Sony IMX546 2.74×2.74μm
HE-12000-S-C 12MP 40fps Sony IMX253LQR 3.45×3.45µm
HE-12000-SBL-C 12.4MP 34fps Sony IMX545 2.74×2.74μm
HE-16000-SBL-C 16.13MP 26fps Sony IMX542 2.74×2.74μm
HE-20000-SBL-C 20.28MP 21.5fps Sony IMX541 2.74×2.74μm
HE-25000-SBL-C 24.47MP 17.5fps Sony IMX540 2.74×2.74μm