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Lens Enclosure

Lens Enclosure

Protect Your Lens

  • Tamper and dust proof
  • Fits most CS mount cameras
  • Anti-reflection coated to maximize transmission
  • Equipped with a built-in 5mm spacer to adapt C-Mount lenses
  • Easy to clean

Enclosure Window Options:
LE100-LP340: A/R Coated Glass Window
LE100-AC380: A/R Coated 
Acrylic Window

Both sets include the following to accommodate lenses up to 42.5mm in length and 39mm in diameter:
LE254-43: Enclosure mount with built in 5mm spacer
LE025-43: 25mm Extension tube
LE010-43: 10mm Extension tube
LE005-43: 5mm Extension tube

* Additional extension tubes in the above sizes are available and can be purchased individually to accommodate longer lenses

Now Available! Custom adapters for various C-mount camera models.