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Line Generators

Laserex Technologies’s standard laser line generator produces a laser line, which has a Gaussian intensity distribution. This means that the line appears bright in the centre and fades off towards the edges.

The standard laser line generator is an excellent solution for applications which require costs to be kept to a minimum. It would typically be used when the laser line is viewed by an observer instead of an electro-optic receiver.

Please visit the following link to read more about Laserex’s range of Line Generators as well as an article explaining the differences between standard and uniform intensity line generators.

Laserex Technologies’s has also designed a low cost lens system which produces a uniform intensity laser line.

A uniform intensity laser line has no hotspots, making it the solution of choice for applications requiring easy viewing and receiver calibration.

Receiver calibration can be a complex procedure when using Gaussian beams. The faded ends require different multiplication factors to the bright central region. A uniform intensity laser line simplifies this, because the entire line length can be calibrated with a single factor.


Uniform Intensity Laser Line Generators

Laserex now has a range of Uniform Intensity Line Generators in a wide variety of fan angles. These line generators produce a bright, crisp laser line of uniform intensity.


  • Compact size (11mm dia. x 10mm long)
  • Suitable for use with LDM-3, LDM-4 & LDM-5 laser diode modules
  • Excellent quality lines focusable to line widths <1mm.