LumiBright™ Ultraviolet Light Engine - Alrad

LumiBright™ Ultraviolet Light Engine

LumiBright™ light engines feature non-imaging optics that direct light from an LED array into a desired cone angle with highly uniform illumination. The two standard far-field half-angles are 20 and 40 degrees. Available LED wavelengths range from UV to NIR, broadband white & multispectral.

The light engines support easy integration into OEM or end-user systems. These compact devices can be operated at tens of watts drive power to emit several watts of output. LumiBright light engines provide intense and stable optical power, short warm-up time, energy efficiency, low maintenance and long life.

IOI is excited to offer LumiBright™ UV LED light engines incorporating state-of-the-art technology and glass optics optimized for higher UV output.