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M106 Series CIS Modules

M106 Series CIS Modules

Our 200 dpi contact image sensors come in a wide variety of designs and sizes from 304 mm to as small as 12 mm scanning length.   The M106 series of modules is based on our 8 dots per millimeter C106 silicon.  The modules have from 1 to 3 video outputs these devices can be configured to meet your specific design needs. 

  • 8 dots per millimeter - 200 dpi
  • 125 µm pixel center to center spacing
  • High sensitivity
  • Internal gain
  • 5 V power supply
  • Low power consumption
Module Name Sensor Length LED Typical Clock MHz (µSec/line/color)
M106-A4R1 216 Red 4.0 500
M106-A4G1 216 Yel-Grn 4.0 500
M106-A4IR 216 IR 4.0 500
M106-A6R1 104 Red 3.0 350
M106-A8R1 56 Red 1.0 1000


The timing diagram indicates a device with a single video output.  In the example the device can be fully scanned in 1,728 clock cycles with a single video output.  SP or Start Pulse begins the scanout process.

The diagram indicates a device with a total of 2,436 pixels and two video outputs. This device has a minimum integration time of 1,216 clock cycles.


A wide variety of illumination techniques and spectrum are available on all of our devices. Custom illumination available upon request.