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M168 Series CIS Modules

M118 Series CIS Modules

Our 100/200 dpi contact image sensors are available in sizes from 216 mm to 36 mm. The M168 series of modules are based on our dual resolution 100/200 dpi C168 silicon. The standard sensor modules are available in aluminum or plastic, with 1 or 3 video outputs, the devices can be configured to meet your specific requirements.


    • High Speed: Up to 20 MHz pixel rate
    • Sensitivity selectable:
    • 600, 1200 and 2400 V/Lux-sec for 200dpi;
    • 1200, 2400 and 4800 V/Lux-sec for 100dpi
    • 144x 1 image sensing elements
    • 100 dpi / 200 dpi selectable
    • 127 um pixel center-to-center spacing
    • On chip OP amplifier
    • Very low fixed pattern noise
    • Single 3.3 V power supply
    • 3.3 V input signal interface
    Module Name Sensor Length LED CLK MHz (µSec/line/color)
    M168-184CI3 184 R, G, B, IR 8.0 42 / 68
    M168-90CI 91.6 R, G, B, IR 8.0 500


    The timing diagram with one video output.  The device can be fully scanned in 790 clock cycles (70 inactive clock cycles plus 720 clock cycles) to clock out the video. 


    A wide variety of illumination techniques and spectrum are available on all of our devices. Custom illumination available upon request