NS100 Neutral Density Swatch Filter Kit - Alrad

NS100 Neutral Density Swatch Filter Kit

NS100 Neutral Density Swatch Filter Kit

The portable NS100 makes it easy to solve applications on-site, and includes all MidOpt’ Visible Neutral Density Filters.

This MidOpt Filter Kit allows you to:

  • See the effects of stacked ND filters to test various optical densities
  • Reduce light intensity in the visible spectrum without affecting color and contrast
  • Test in both monochrome or color applications
  • Solve applications quickly

Kit Includes:

  • QR code to link filter specifications
  • Larger size 43mm diameter filters
  • Filter transmission curve
  • ND030 Absorptive Neutral Density Filter | 50% Transmission
  • ND060 Absorptive Neutral Density Filter | 25% Transmission
  • ND090 Absorptive Neutral Density Filter | 12.5% Transmission
  • ND120 Absorptive Neutral Density Filter| 6.25% Transmission
  • ND200 Absorptive Neutral Density Filter | 1.0 % Transmission
  • ND300 Absorptive Neutral Density Filter | 0.1% Transmission
  • ND400 Absorptive Neutral Density Filter | 0.01 % Transmission

Production filters have a higher surface quality spec than filters included in the NS100. Surface quality of filters in the NS100 is better than 60/40.