PIXCI® ECB1-34 - Alrad


Base Camera Link ExpressCard/34 Frame Grabber


The PIXCI® ECB1-34 base Camera Link frame grabber plugs into an ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54 slot in a notebook computer.  With 200 megabyte per second sustained data transfer rates, and burst transfers up to 250 megabytes per second, almost all base Camera Link cameras are supported.

The PIXCI® ECB1-34 captures from line scan or area scan cameras operating in either free-run (continuous) or controlled (triggered) mode. Free-run mode provides maximum line or frame rates. Controlled mode uses software for control of each exposure, uses a hardware timing circuit on the PIXCI ECB1-34 to control exposure, or uses an optional TTL trigger input cable to start exposure. A TTL strobe output cable is available for strobe lighting applications.

The PIXCI® ECB1-34 has software selectable bit packing to decrease the data rate to the ExpressCard bus and to conserve storage space when capturing 10 or 12 bit pixels.

The PIXCI® ECB1-34 requires no hardware setup or adjustment.  After installing the XCAP program, insert the PIXCI® ECB1-34 in the ExpressCard slot, connect the camera link cable, power up the camera, and start capturing images.

The PIXCI® ECB1-34 frame grabber, with the XCAP program, offers dedicated camera control dialogs supporting hundreds of the newest, most advanced, highest bandwidth machine vision cameras. For cameras without dedicated software control, the Generic configuration menu allows the user to create and save camera configuration parameters.  The included XCAP-Lite imaging program provides camera control and image capture with no software development. 

The optional XCAP-Ltd imaging program can capture a 3.5-gigabyte sequence into 4 gigabytes of installed memory on a notebook with 32-bit operating system. An 8-gigabyte sequence can be captured into 10 gigabytes of installed memory on a notebook with a 64-bit operating system.

The optional XCAP-Std imaging program adds video-to-disk capture to the size and speed limits of the hard drive system, and can capture to the limit of available notebook memory. Image processing, measurement, and analysis operations are also provided.

Programmer and image processing libraries are available for application specific software development.

EPIX, Inc. has provided imaging solutions and support to the machine vision market since 1984.  EPIX, Inc. sells complete imaging systems with cameras, frame grabbers, and high-performance notebook computers.  Contact EPIX, Inc., or an authorized distributor of EPIX® imaging products, for help selecting cameras, frame grabbers, imaging software, optics, or computer imaging systems.


Base Configuration:

  • Camera Link Frame Grabber
  • ExpressCard/34 AND /54 Compatible
  • 250 Megabyte/sec Burst Transfers
  • Line Scan or Area Scan
  • Camera Frame Rate Sequence Capture
  • Full Video Rate Sequence Capture
  • 64-Bit Memory Addressing
  • Camera Integration & Async Reset Control
  • Integration From Microseconds to Minutes
  • Images Stored in Notebook Memory or directly to Hard Drive
  • Windows & Linux, 32 & 64–bit
  • RoHS Compliant