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Professional Optics Cleaning Kit

Professional Optics Cleaning Kit

Clean, smudge-free lenses and filters guarantee superior optical performance, which can be achieved using the proper professional cleaning products and methods. Using improper cleaning agents and techniques can damage surface quality and coatings, resulting in degraded performance. Help maintain the durability and lifespan of your optical components with the MidOpt Professional Optics Cleaning Kit, which includes all of the essentials. A Cleaner + Cloth and Microfiber Cloths are also available for in the lab or on the go.


  • Clean Air Duster
  • Premium Grade Optical Tissue
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Glass Surface Cleaner
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Part Number: CK100

(CK100-NA available in a compact version for easy storage and international shipping. Compressed Air Duster is not included)

Cleaner + Cloth

A 2-ounce bottle of Professional Optics Cleaning Solution and a microfiber cloth wrapped in a tube for convenience and on-the-go needs.

Part Number: POC1

Cleaning Tips

  1. Hold the optical component by its edges, and view it from various angles under a bright light source to inspect the surface. If dust is apparent, use the Clean Air Duster. Since it’s contact-free, it’s known as the safest cleaning method.
  2. While pointing away from the optic, push down on the Clean Air Duster to release air. Slowly move the air stream over the optical surface at an angle. Repeat the same cleaning method to the other side of the lens or filter, if necessary.
  3. If you still see dust or contaminants, try using a clean Cotton Swab or dry Premium Grade Optical Tissue to dislodge the debris by gently brushing across the surface, then use the Clean Air Duster again to try and dislodge any remaining debris.
  4. If further cleaning is required, use Glass Surface Cleaner to remove stubborn deposits. Fold the Premium Grade Optical Tissue into quarters, and apply the Glass Surface Cleaner. For lens or filter surfaces that are hard to access, use a Cotton Swab with Glass Surface Cleaner.
  5. For extremely tough spots on durable hard coatings, acetone can be used. However, do not clean plastic optics or optics in plastic housings with acetone, as it will damage the plastic. (MidOpt Glass Surface Cleaner contains alcohol and is safe on plastic.)
  6. Gently dab the area – never rub the lens or filter surface. Use another dry, folded Premium Grade Optical Tissue or Cotton Swab to dab the surface dry. Throw away Optical Tissues and Cotton Swabs after each use.