ST365A - Radiation Counter - Alrad

ST365A - Radiation Counter

ST365 - Radiation Counter

The ST365 Radiation Counter provides the ultimate in nuclear lab systems for studying the characteristics of radiation.

In addition to supporting many types of GM detectors, the ST365 also includes an internal preamplifier and improved high voltage supply to operate scintillation detectors as a gamma counter for wipe testing and other gross gamma measurements.

The ST365 can operate as a standalone unit or using a computer (PC or Mac) via USB or serial connection.

Using Spectrum Techniques’ STX software allows for data to be collected and displayed on the screen in either analog or digital format. The control software stores data in a format that can easily be transferred directly to many common spreadsheet programs.


  • Input: BNC connector – connects to standard Geiger tubes; MHV connector – connects to scintillation detectors.
  • High voltage: 0 to +1200 volts @ 0.2mA, selectable in 10 volt increments
  • Display: 6 decade LED, 1 inch numerals
  • Modes: Counts; Elapsed Time; Preset Time; Count Rate (cpm or cps); High Voltage Level
  • Interface: USB 2.0, LAN (for both PC & MAC), WiFi Direct for Android
  • Power: AC adapter, 9 Volt DC at 1200 mA
  • Dimensions: 9 in. W x 6.8 in. D x 3 in. H
  • Software: Spectrum Techniques Ultra for PC; Spectrum Techniques Ultra for Mac; Spectrum Techniques Ultra for Android devices


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ST365A ST365 Radiation Counter, Model A – 6 decade LED, 1 inch numerals, mode LEDs

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