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SE4710 OEM 2D Barcode Imager

EMPOWER YOUR SMALLEST DEVICES WITH NEXT GENERATION IMAGING PERFORMANCE. The SE4710 offers unparalleled 1D and 2D bar code capture in the tiniest package yet, allowing you to empower your slimmest and lightest devices with the split-second reliable bar code capture required in the most scan intensive tasks. At less than one fifth of an ounce (5 grams) and two thirds of the height and volume of the typical competitive engines, this tiny imager allows you to eliminate undesirable design constraints, such as the typical "scanner bump". The result? Your product designs can offer the sleek lines today's customers demand. And with our patented, proprietary PRZM (pronounced "prism") Intelligent Imaging technology, industry leading decoding algorithms and advanced focusing, optical and illumination systems, your customers can count on class-leading high-performance data capture they need to boost worker productivity and efficiency.


Class-leading miniature, lightweight form factor

At less than a fifth of an ounce/5 grams and a third of an inch high/8.1 mm high, the SE4710 brings enterprise-class data capture to extremely slim devices — including smartphones and sleds.

Zebra-exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology

Offloads a portion of the processing from the decode software to the scan engine, reducing processing time and enabling faster data capture.

Support for MIPI and parallel interfaces

Reduces integration time and cost by eliminating components

Unparalleled bar code capture

Capture virtually any 1D or 2D bar code in milliseconds

Extraordinary working range

Capture bar codes from near contact to farther than 24 in./60 cm away

Wide field of view

Easy close-up reading of large bar codes as well as multiple bar codes

Omnidirectional scanning for unparalleled ease of use

No need to ever align the bar code and imager for highly intuitive and rapid bar code capture

Multiple decode options with the same great Zebra scanning performance

Increase design flexibility with your choice of two separate circuit boards or a microchip that can be mounted to the motherboard

Pick list mode

Small and sharp aiming dot enables users to easily select a single bar code to capture on a field of bar codes

LED aimer

Helps speed regulatory approval to help bring products to market 

Extraordinary Working Range

The standard scanning range on the SE4710 is anything but standard. Users can capture data that is farther than 24 in./60 cm away — significantly farther than other products twice its size. And with a wide field of view, the SE4710 can easily capture larger bar codes.