SE2707 One-Piece Imager Scan Engine - Alrad
SE2707 One-Piece Imager Scan Engine - Alrad
SE2707 One-Piece Imager Scan Engine - Alrad
SE2707 One-Piece Imager Scan Engine - Alrad

SE2707 One-Piece Imager Scan Engine

2D imaging is essential for reading mobile coupons, loyalty cards, tickets and more.  However, traditional 2D imaging engines may have been too difficult or costly to integrate into your product design – until now. The Zebra SE2707 is a one-piece decoded 2D imaging engine that offers high performance scanning in an easy-to-integrate, cost-effective form factor. The integrated decoder eliminates the need for a separate decoder board or extra processing in the host. Its compact design and serial/USB1 interface offers an easy migration from 1D laser designs. And, you won’t need to sacrifice scanning performance for size or cost. The SE2707 offers the same high quality barcode scanning performance that has made Zebra the long-term leader in scanning technology. Whether you are developing mobile computers, payment terminals, mobile POS, scanning sleds, access control systems, or kiosks, you can count on the SE2707 to provide a great user experience with the lowest design cost.

High Performance Scanning on Printed and Mobile 1D and 2D Barcodes
The SE2707 supports a wide range of symbologies including 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes printed on paper labels or displayed on mobile phones or computer screens. Since the SE2707 decoded engine uses the same unsurpassed decode algorithms that are in all of Zebra’s enterprise mobile computers and barcode scanners, users will enjoy first time capture of virtually any barcode in any condition — even if they are damaged or poorly printed. And omnidirectional scanning and the wide field of view make barcode capture easier than ever.

Intuitive Illumination Field and LED Aimer.
With the bright, rectangular illumination field and LED aiming spot, users will instantly know if they are aiming a the right spot for exceptional ease of use. The SE2707’s LED helps speed
regulatory approval to bring your products to market faster and can be used in those applications where LED aimers are preferred.

Enterprise-class Durability
The SE2707 offers a 2,000 G shock rating and wide temperature range for outstanding durability in commercial, retail and industrial applications.

Serial or USB Interface for Easy Integration

The SE2707 supports serial and USB1 interfaces for easy integration into a wide range of designs and devices. SSI communication ensures compatibility with our other decoded engines, enabling quick transitions from one engine to another.

Stay Up to Date with Firmware Updates
With the ability to update the SE2707’s firmware and decode libraries, your products will always be up to date with the latest features, symbologies and performance enhancements.

Reduce Development Time and Cost with Integrated Decoder 
With the SE2707, the decoder is already embedded and ready to go. This eliminates the need for an extra decoder board, as well as additional programming and integration time. Unlike software decode solutions, the SE2707 does not require an OS or CPU in the host device — giving you flexibility to add high performance 2D imaging to more products, including those without an OS or high-end processor.

Ultra-miniature Footprint Easily Fits Wide Range of Devices
Much smaller than typical decoded imaging engines, the SE2707 brings the simplicity of an integrated decoder to your most space-constrained device designs, such as mobile POS payment accessories and scanning sleds. And unlike other small decoded solutions, you won’t need to sacrifice performance for size: this small package delivers Zebra’s unparalleled
scanning performance.

Easily Upgrade Your 1D Designs
Not only is the SE2707 a similar height to laser engines, it also features the same serial 12-pin connector and uses the same flex cable as Zebra and other 1D laser engines — reducing the effort to migrate from 1D to 2D applications.