Sealed Laser Diode Module - Alrad

Sealed Laser Diode Module

The LDM-3 Sealed Laser Diode Module has been designed for heavy industrial applications. The laser module measures 20mm x 20mm x 40mm long. Being sealed, the laser diode module is protected from dirt and dust, thus making it ideal for rugged use.


The laser model utilises a solid stainless steel housing to fully encapsulate and protect the laser source and a hard coated protective window.

The LDM-3 laser diode module provides a well collimated laser light source, and includes a range of optical options to suit most projects.

The LDM-3 Sealed Laser Diode Module includes slow start, reverse polarity and over voltage protection, and is available with a pulsing option if required. The laser module comes in all common power and wavelength combinations.


  • Water and dust proof module designed for harsh industrial environments
  • Stainless steel sealed housing
  • Electrically isolated
  • Compact design 40 x 20 x 20mm
  • Slow start, reverse polarity and over voltage protection