Spectrometer Grating - Alrad

Spectrometer Grating

Available in both 300l/mm and 600l/mm.

This grating is particularly recommended  for spectrometer use as it enables measurements to be taken of the separation of NaD lines. Also used for the separation of spectra in colour demonstrations as it is strongly blazed in the first through fifth orders. It provides a sharp, brilliant spectrum and is excellent for projecting a spectrum as a classroom experiment.  These high quality gratings have a high resolving power and are suitable for use in precision quality student spectrometers.

* Mounted on glass plate 50 x 38 x 4 mm.  Grating area ~25 mm sq. This grating is strongly blazed in the first order only.  The 600 l/mm spectrum is sharp and and bright, but not as concentrated as the 300 l/mm grating.