Standard Laser Diode Module - Alrad

Standard Laser Diode Module

The LDM-4 Standard Laser Diode Module offers a versatile and cost effective solution, and is ideally suited to many industrial applications. The laser module comes in all common power and wavelength combinations and measures 11mm diam x 25mm long.

This laser diode module provides a well collimated laser light source, and includes provision for laser line generators and a range of other optical options to suit most projects.

The LDM-4 Standard Laser Diode Module includes slow start, reverse polarity and over voltage protection.

The LDM-4 laser diode modules can come with an adjustable focus, with either a glass or plastic lens. The laser module can come with variable output powers and has a low divergence. LDM-4 laser modules can also come with pulsing options. (see the LDM-4 data sheet for further specifications)



  • Compact size (11mm dia. x 25mm long)
  • Slow start, reverse polarity and over voltage protection
  • Small focal spots down to 10 microns
  • Available with range of line generators both Gaussian and Uniform Intensity
  • Cost effective