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TrueChrome AF An unprecedented high-speed focusing experience

TrueChrome AF   An unprecedented high-speed focusing experience

TrueChrome AF offers both continuous and single-shot autofocus modes. It also supports mouse wheel control for fine-tuning. Data transfer up to 60 frames per second enables users to get clear images with ease.


Professional digital image measurement system

TrueChrome AF provides extremely powerful measurement functionalities including, freehand line, rectangle, polygon, circle, bicircle, angle, point-line distance and much more. Three different length units of millimeter, centimeter, and micrometer are provided to meet various measurement requirements in different applications.v

software based measurement

Compatible with Mosaic V2.1 Computational Imaging Software

Fast, efficient and worry-free is the core design concept of Mosaic V2.1 software. It adopts a new image "shooting-processing-measurement-reporting" function, modular design, and integrates various intelligent image processing algorithms from Tucsen. It is dedicated to providing users with more simple operation modes and improve work efficiency in all circumstances.

custom function

Real-time image stitching

It can generate large-sized mosaic images in a few seconds while moving the stage, which is light, smooth and worry-free!

mosiac image

Real-time depth-of-field fusion

Turning the focus ring to capture different depth of field points while generating clear depth of field images, fast, accurate and efficient.

dof fusion

The continuation of the TrueChrome

Perfect color reproduction
TUCSEN’s color processing is capable of a new level of precision, matches the monitor image to the eyepiece view, produces extremely-high color definition.
colour processing
Fastest USB2.0 camera with 30 fps
With 30fps data transfer at an uncompressed resolution of 1920X1080, TrueChrome AF sets a precedent. Make it one of the fastest USB2.0 camera in the world.v
Tailored 1080P HD screen
In order to let users better feel the excellent quality of the Tucsen cameras, we specially customized a 1080P high definition display screen - Retina Screen, which perfectly matches the performance of TrueChrome camera.
Note: Retina Screen is an optional accessory that users can choose to use.
custom screen