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ZEUBE265-2CA   Deep-UV LED (UVC) Peak wavelength 265nm  50mW - Alrad

ZEUBE265-2CA Deep-UV LED (UVC) Peak wavelength 265nm 50mW

ZEUBE265-2CA   Deep-UV LED (UVC) Peak wavelength 265nm  50mW


Wide distribution angle, high power type Deep-UV LED (UVC) Peak wavelength 265nm Outer dimension 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.24mm ( L x W x H )

Product Features:

  • Total power : 50mW (TYP.) @ IF = 440mA ・Operating temperature : -30 to +85 deg.
  • High reliability hermetic sealing package for reducing influence of humidity and outgas
  • Lead–free soldering compliant
  • RoHS2 compliant


  • Size (mm)L3.5xW3.5xH2.24
  • Peak wavelength (nm)265
  • Light output (mW)50
  • Half intensity angle (deg.)120,120
  • Continuous forward current (mA)440
  • Forward voltage (V)7.0


  • Water/liquids disinfection
  • House water purifier
  • water purification devices
  • humidifier (water tank disinfection) Surface disinfection
  • Disinfection cabinets, bio/medical equipment Inspection light sources
  • Image inspection light, water quality sensor Air sterilization
  • Germicidal equipment, etc.