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ALRAD / The Imaging Source - Deep Learning Made Easy with HALCON 20.05

In addition to The Imaging Source Range of Embedded cameras ( Link: ALRAD Embedded ) and as a certified distributor for HALCON*, The Imaging Source has tested HALCON's powerful deep learning functionality extensively in order to help you get started as quickly as possible with your deep learning projects.

MVTec HALCON offers a wide range of the latest deep learning technologies including object detection, classification and anomaly detection.  Because required third-party libraries are directly integrated into the HALCON installer, the system is ready immediately after installation. HALCON's deep learning functionality enables users to take on inspection tasks that were previously impossible or required considerable programming investment. MVTec HALCON also offers a data labeling tool whose labeled data can be seamlessly integrated into the HALCON development environment, HDevelop, enabling particularly rapid set up of robust AI modeling for successful deep-learning-based OCR, object detection, semantic segmentation and anomaly detection. HALCON provides sample workflows featuring several convenience functions that simplify working with its deep learning technologies. Many of these sample workflows can be easily adapted to your own tasks, thereby eliminating the need to code complicated workflows for training and evaluation of your neural network. HALCON also performs automatic memory management, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. Direct monitoring of training and current progress rounds out this collection of versatile, user-friendly software products that will enable you to get started using deep learning technologies in your own applications right away.

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Deep Learning Made Easy

All information on The Imaging Source products can be found on our website: www.alrad.co.uk  Alternatively please call our friendly team on +44(0)1635 30345 to discuss your requirements.